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About Linopersempre 


Linopersempre is a well-established brand in the linen garment industry from Italy for over 70 years already.

Approximately nine years ago the Dutch company Northern Linen, specialized in linen, linen/cotton, ramie and blend fabrics, took over the company with the goal to approach the garment makers directly and to be more in touch with fashion.

Since that moment Linopersempre is a Dutch-owned company, based in the east of the Netherlands.

Northern Linen carries on the centuries old tradition of the flax spinning and linen mill ‘Severlyon’, the first of its kind in Russia, which was founded in 1851 in Krasavino. At the turn of the millennium Northern Linen continued as an independent Dutch linen trading company under the same name (‘Severlyon’ means Northern Linen). Today Northern Linen shares its profound expertise in flax and linen fabrics in Europe and around the world.


At Northern Linen we are involved in all stages of the production process: from flax growing to spinning, weaving and finishing. We offer a full range of linens, including linen-blend qualities and other woven-bast fibers, in loom state, PFD, yarn-dyed, dyed, delavé and coated textiles.


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